5 Steps to Prepare for the MCAT

The MCAT test is not only difficult, but needs a lot of focus and discipline from the candidates who aim for a good medical school. Every week, one should keep track of the preparation and try to cover as much subjects as possible to land a good score. Some tips to prepare effectively are:
  1. Make a near-perfect plan: Decide how long your preparation is going to be and place distinctive milestones at the end of each week to help you move forward. Assign about a dozen topics to each week and make a note of them so you’ll know whether you have completed them or not.
  1. Take a diagnostic test and many sample tests: The test is not always straight forward in terms of asking questions. So, it will definitely help to familiarize yourself in the different types of questions that appeared in the previous exams. There are a lot of practice tests that are available online which one can download for free or buy at a reasonable price. Make a list of the scores obtained over a period and compare them to see which direction you are heading in.
  1. Guess intelligently: While writing the exam, if you get stuck at a question, do not waste too much time on it, but instead try to guess. This can be done by eliminating what seem like wrong answers. This method saves time as well. It can employed in reading comprehensions too, where you can just skim the text and write down just the gist of each paragraph, which can help you finish the exercise quickly and correctly. Another effective way to answer is to read the answers before the question, then reading the question and then answering. This will make the wrong answer elimination easier.
  1. Stimulate actual test conditions: Download a practice test and keep track of the time using a timer, if the test doesn’t have an in-built one. Assume that you’re taking the real test, find a quiet spot in your house where nobody will disturb you and write it. This will build confidence on the test day and keep you calm and relaxed as you will be aware of the test format and do better time management.
  1. Take a prep course: For those who are not confident enough or lack the time to prepare by self can enroll in an institute that offers test preparation for the MCAT. There are many such organizations that offer class room courses, along with counseling and practice tests. One can either choose that or take an online prep course that will help you learn the course using videos and slides. The latter can be more suitable to those working or do not have sufficient time to attend the classes. Along with what you learn in the class, self preparation is needed. Always take the guidance of the tutors to find your weak areas and concentrate more on them in order to score better.


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