Comprehensive Kaplan MCAT Online Courses

There are many online courses for the MCAT examination that a student could take to improve one’s score right away. The best, many would suggest would be the Kaplan’s comprehensive courses that can be bought online, without any hassle and cover all topics with great number of exercises and sample tests. Some of the Kaplan programs that are beneficial for students are,

The MCAT Advantage – On Demand:
This program can be completed by students anytime or place they want. Some candidates may be working or doing a part time job elsewhere while they are studying. They could also be college students who are aiming for joining a medical school after their graduation. For those, this course would be ideal. It provides all materials with detailed strategies to crack each section and analysis of the same. Candidates can study whenever they want and take the tests as per their schedules. It costs about $1899, which can be paid in three installments of $633 each.

The MCAT Online Science Review:
This supplementary course is for candidates who want to train in only the science sections, namely the physical sciences and the biological sciences sections. There will be present comprehensive lessons with loads of practice exercises. Also available in this package are strategies for effective time management skills that are needed to build the skills in the science concepts. This course is priced at $499 and can be paid in three installments of $167 each.

The MCAT Physics Edge:
The program costs about $499 or three installments of $167 and consists of a review of physical sciences section. The students can hone their skills in the particular section by taking this course. It can also be taken as a refresher before a student begins preparation for the MCAT.

The MCAT Organic Edge:
This course covers organic chemistry concepts and has specific strategies to help build strong skills in the section. Taking this course will make the organic chemistry questions in the biological sciences section easier to tackle. Many students fear this topic and they can take this program for just $499 or three payments of $167 to build confidence and knowledge.

The MCAT Verbal Edge:
It is priced the same as the two courses above and targets only the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT. Students who can prepare for the sciences sections properly but need guidance on the verbal section can take this course. Language, reasoning and grammar are the main fundamentals of this course, which can make the verbal section less difficult, especially for non-native students.

The MCAT Question Bank:
This course doesn’t provide any material but has ample questions for the students’ practice. The students can avail more than 1000 MCAT questions by purchasing this course, which is $199, which can also be paid as $67 thrice and enjoy the question papers and tests. Practice is a great way to improve one’s score and the smart ones who know that would take this course.


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