How to Increase your MCAT Score

1. On the day of the exam, before it begins, do a couple of verbal questions as a warm up for your brain. This exercise will also reduce panic and anxiety in your mind.
2. Sleep well on the night before the exam. Sleep at least by 10 pm so you’ll feel fresh and energized by the morning. Try to start this habit at least about 1 week before the exam, so you’ll get used to the sleeping pattern.
3. Before going to the test center, eat a light snack instead of a heavy breakfast or lunch. This will keep your brisk and active. Eating a heavy lunch will make you drowsy so you cannot concentrate on the task at hand. A small nap before the test will help too, only if you have a friend or parent around to wake you up.

4. Make a list of foods that make you drowsy and stay away from them. For ex. Turkey, banana, etc.
5. Some questions that are difficult will appear in the exam. You must try not to get stuck in the same question for too long. Taking a wild guess will help too, as there is no negative marking in the exam. You can also go ahead to another question and come back to the difficult one later and try.
6. Try to keep track of your sample tests’ scores and chart them so you get a gradually increasing peak. This shows that you are progressing perfectly and need not worry as the MCAT results would be the next higher peak on your chart.
7. Some silly mistakes at the end of the exam can be avoided by taking ample number of practice tests. Practicing with a timer while taking sample tests will help you stay alert and active.
8. Practice some tests with friends, who can help you when you make some mistakes. Group study helps some people and maybe it’ll help you too.
9. The writing section is important but not too crucial. Do not spend too much time while preparing for this section. Getting a decent score in this section is enough.
10. Eliminating the wrong answers is a wise way of answering unfamiliar questions. If you eliminate two wrong answers, you can choose between two and there is a 50% chance that your guess could be right.
11. Make a detailed plan according to your preferences and needs. Do not base your study plan or get influenced by your friends’ plans as every person’s requirement is different.
12. A few days before the exam, take some mind games and help you relax. It is crucial as you don’t want to be overburdened on the day of the exam. Too much of anything is good for nothing, so too much stress due to preparation may wear you out just before the exam and you don’t want that to happen.


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