Tips to Ace the MCAT

1. Practice, practice and practice: It is best to take as many practice tests as possible before the actual test. Set a date every week, prepare well and take the exam. Don’t stop there, but go on and evaluate your answers, best by yourself as it’ll help you find your mistakes.
2. After you calculate your rough score, make a list of the scores and mistakes that you’ve made in each exam. Write them down in a separate register. It’ll help to remember these and not make the same again. Keep track of your score and see to that it increases every week.
3. Learn all the theory, formulae, reactions and names properly. Do not memorize too much as you may tend to forget some. Moreover this test has many reading comprehension questions to your advantage, so be effectively prepared for it.

4. Enroll in a class room preparation course that is offered by many good institutes and use the material effectively. Take the tests they conduct frequently and guidance from the tutors. Sit with a tutor after every test and learn your strengths and weaknesses and discuss in detail how you can deal with them.
5. Download or buy extra sample papers from the internet. There are a lot of reliable sources from which you can do so. There are also a lot of forums and websites where you can find free sample papers for download.
6. Look out for errors in the practice tests. Try to find out how you made the mistakes and remember not to repeat them again.
7. Use a timer while taking the test at all times. Time management is very useful, especially in a standardized test like this one. In most practice tests, the timer will be present at the side of the page, if not get yourself a silent timer.
8. Practice reading a lot of passages. Do several everyday to improve your reading speed and answering accuracy. Use sources like the newspapers, science journals and the MCAT material.
9. Flash cards are a great way to remember names, reactions and formulae. Studying with these helps you remember better. Make new cards and get rid of the cards that you’ve already memorized. Keep studying from them till you’re convinced that you’re good.
10. Try not to get too comfortable while taking the test as the test center conditions may not be too good. You can go to the test center on the previous day and check it out and also to see how long you will take to get there.
11. Avoid visiting the restroom except during the break. There will be only one break during the MCAT, after the physics and verbal section. Following the break will be the biology and the writing section.
12. Wear comfortable clothes and stay positive and confident. Believe in yourself and do the exam well.


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