MCAT Dates for 2011

The MCAT test has been administered in the new format since January 2007. The computer based test has made the examination more popular and the subsequent years saw an increase in the number of students appearing for the test. Since then, a lot of institutes have started offering online coaching and the quality of the exam takers has also gone up. There are many good courses and books available online for effective preparation of the MCAT. The best is the Gold Standard book and its DVDs and Mp3s that also contain practice material in the form of videos and audio material. One can indubitably download or buy these as the pattern of the exam will not be changed till the year 2014.

The test dates are released early in the year, as the test will begin being administered from January. Every year, the test will be conducted on about 22 days. Applicants can choose either the morning or afternoon sessions on weekdays and Saturdays. A student can register for the exam up to three times a year.
The table below lists the MCAT dates for 2011 in the US: 2011 MCAT Test Dates
The following table shows the test dates for MCAT in Canada for 2011:
Morning Only
Afternoon Only
January 28
January 29
June 16
March 26
April 29
August 12
April 9, 16
May 26
September 2
May 7, 20, 21
July 6

July 16, 28, 29
August 5, 18, 23

August 6, 19
September 1, 10

September 8

Morning Only
Afternoon Only
September 10
September 1
September 2
February 15
February 15
February 15
August 27
August 18
August 19
September 3
August 25
August 26
October 11
October 4
October 4

The MCAT fees is $235, there is some extra fee for an International Test site, which is $70, for late registration, it is about $60. If the student wants to reschedule the test, the fees will be about $60 and for change of test center it is $60.
The top universities in Canada that admit students on the basis of their MCAT scores are:
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of British Columbia
University of Manitoba
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dalhousie University
McMaster University
Northern Ontario school of medicine 
University of Ottawa

Queen's University
University of Toronto
Universite Laval
McGill University
University of Montreal
University of Sherbrooke
University of Saskatchewan
MCAT Preparation courses by Princeton Review:
Princeton Review, known for its good preparation courses offers many programs that suit one’s method of learning as well as their pocket. Once a student knows what kind of preparation is the right for him, he can choose the program that he thinks is the best for him. One can choose private tutoring, small group instruction with a class of only four students, hyperlearning class room course. For those who cannot attend classroom courses, there are many live online classes that one can choose.


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