Best Books for MCAT Preparation

  1. The Gold Standard MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand. It is 1000 pages long and costs about $89.
  2. Examkrackers Verbal by Jordan and Jon. The book has 112 pages and is a 2007 edition. It costs $19.99.
  3. The Silver Bullet MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand. It is 640 pages long and is 2010 edition, priced at $27.
  4. MCAT Premier Program by Kaplan, edition 2008-2009. It contains all sections, physics, biology, organic and general chemistry and verbal reasoning, for $100.
  5. 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry by Examkrackers. Only questions are given in this book and it is not study material. It is ideal for revision after study. Plenty of practice questions arranged by topic.
  6. 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry by Examkrackers. Priced at $19. Affordable and good.
  7. MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques by Examkrackers, $15-$20. Good verbal material and strictly for revision only. Only question and answers are provided in the book, no explanations.
  8. The MCAT Physics Book, an ideal study material. It has good and detailed solutions for problems and thoroughly comprehensive. It is a great way to raise the MCAT score.
  9. 1001 questions in MCAT in Physics by Examcrackers. It can be used for practice and refreshing after thorough study of course material. Questions arranged in ascending order of difficulty.
  10. MCAT Inorganic Chemistry by Examkrackers. The book is divided into 7 chapters and there’s one exam after each chapter. There are a total of 266 questions in MCAT format. Comparatively more expensive that other books but worth it.
Digital Material for MCAT Study
  1. 16 MCAT Video DVDs by RuveneCo Publishing, costing $249
  2. Home Study Package by Dr. Brett Ferdinand – the package contains textbooks, MP3 and 16 videos, priced at $399.
  3. Practice MCAT Tests by Gold Standard Publication, priced at $150.


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