MCAT Flashcards

There is a lot of learning to do for the MCAT, especially in the physical sciences and biological sciences section. With so much to learn and remember one can tend to forget some important concepts or facts. So, while in the preparation stage, one should think of effective ways to remember what one is studying. Various retention methods are writing down as one study, associating difficult concepts to something one can remember etc. Another popular way of remembering is by making use of flashcards. Flashcards are small pieces of cardboard or paper, each of which has a fact or concept written on them. Flashcards have always been a good way of studying and remembering what one has studied.

If you have a lot of time to prepare for the MCAT (About 6-9 months), then you can make your own flashcards and use them for preparation. But if you’ve decided to start preparing just 3 months or so before the exam, you wouldn’t want to waste time on preparing these. Instead you can buy them. Available in the market are The Gold Standard new MCAT CBT Deck of Flashcards, priced nominally so every student can afford them. These were prepared by Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD and are in the form of a deck of poker cards. Handy and colorful, these cover all the topics in the sciences sections of the MCAT. Some also contain strategies for verbal reasoning section and the writing section. They come with diagrams and colors that make them attractive and smart. You can use them while studying alone or playing MCAT games with your buddies.
The product costs only $9.99 and an additional $5 for shipping charges. This price is totally affordable considering how much worthy the product is. The flashcards do not help you to merely memorize but remember the facts properly. Writing down an essay of many words is easy, but condensing the text to a few words, yet conveying everything you want to, is pure genius. The Gold Standard does exactly so. The enormous material is broken down to fit on just 54 cards which are made of high quality paper. Over 200 concepts are tested in these cards, so the student doesn’t miss anything in the syllabus. The cards are published by Ruveneco and the 2011-2012 editions are readily available. For those who want to prepare in digital style, wanting to use only online materials and computer material, they can find digital flashcards also, which can be bought online. For i-phones also, Kaplan sells flashcards that are compatible and give the applicant great knowledge and ease of usage. However these cost about $34.99
The author of the Gold Standard Flashcards, Dr. Brett Ferdinand is known for his numerous scholarships and his dedication towards building the best MCAT prep program. He even wrote the Gold Standard Text which is invariably used by students worldwide for their MCAT preparations and it continues to be the best book in North America for the MCAT preparation. He is now a surgeon and continues to lecture and develop the prep courses.


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